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Thank you for your interest in our company. We are glad to introduce  the story of AUSTRAPHARM GROUP. We are a trading company having offices in Australia, USA and Vietnam.

In Vietnam, our company was established in 1995 at Ho Chi Minh City. In the beginning  we were a small pharmaceutical trading company  importing and distributing pharmaceutical products within Vietnam.

By the time, Austrapharm has developed rapidly with the jump of Vietnam economy. We have expanded our operations outside Vietnam. In the beginning  time, the company operated with some employees, and now We have more than 200  staffs including 100 staffs  of  the professional marketing team.

Today, we have launched over 150 pharmaceutical products, supplied to over 20 companies,  wholesalers.

Austrapharm is the exclusive distributor for many manufacturers from Korea, USA, Thailand and Vietnam.

We have developed a distribution network with nation-wide coverage and our products  were presented in 64 provinces/cities  of  Vietnam. Austrapharm directly does the  marketing and  distribution of over 60 locally-manufactured and imported products.

We have the direct business relation with nearly all Hospitals and pharmacies all over the country.

In 2003, we also entered a Joint-venture with MEBIPHAR, a Vietnam State – Owned Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. We also assist to transfer new Technology for other factories. 

Established in 1995

Launching over 150 items in Vietnam, supplying to  over 20 Distributors, which are Companies and Wholesalers.

Being the Exclusive Distributor for many foreign manufacturers from Korea, U.S.A, Australia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Directly  marketing over 60 items locally – made and imported by Austrapharm Vietnam with National Channel.

Human Resource: 200 emloyees

+ Adminstration and Customer service: 40

+ Marketing and Sales: 100

+ Production 60

Distribution Network:
Products are presented in all 64 provinces/cities  in Vietnam

Exclusive Distributor in Vietnam for:
1. Manufacturers in Asia:
Dong In Dang Pharm Co. Ltd – Korea - all of products
Novarex Co., Ltd.-Korea (Old name: RexGene Biotech Co. Ltd – Korea) - all of products
R.X. Manufacturing Ltd. - Thailand - all of products
R.X. Co., Ltd. - Thailand – all of products
New Spirit Naturals, Inc. - USA - All of products



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